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Land Development

We have a love for land development work…

With the machinery, the technology and the knowledge on hand to develop raw and bare land into workable paddocks, dams, vineyards (…or whatever you choose), we are Malborough’s vineyard specialist’s and development experts.

We provide;

  • Tree & stump removal
  • Root raking
  • Dumper, for shifting soil, logs, stumps (Fast!)
  • Topcon 3d GPS rover, for design and precision.
  • Drain laying
  • Contouring
  • Ground preparation
  • Drilling
  • Heavy or light cultivation
  • Tractor deep ripping GPS
  • Post driving

The list goes on…

All projects are professionally carried out by our own experienced operators… this is a point of our success and something we pride ourselves in.

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Vineyard Management

Clifford Road Contracting can manage small or large vineyards … full season or part-time … from yearlings to mature plants.

We understand that not only does a productive vineyard require good machinery and operators, but also requires advice and expertise. We can provide this advice through the years of experience we have on board our team and can offer informed recommendations on vineyard development and on maintenance. An extra strong point we can provide help on is crop fertilising, through the help of our division Suspension Fertiliser Applicators.

We have an extensive range of modern machinery that can care for your vineyard which is kept well serviced by our in-house team. If your job is small or big, we are happy to help. We currently manage a range of vineyards throughout the Marlborough Region, some of which are our own, others are designated blocks or growers vineyards that we service seasonally and some all year round. Having our own vineyards ensures we fully understand the entire costs, trials, and complications that can come with owning and running a vineyard.

Vineyard Contracting

Clifford Road Contracting offers a wide range of contracting services, including the new Klima Vine Stripper. All work is carried out with care and pride to ensure you with the most cost efficient and pristine results. We can take care of your;

  • Excavator work
  • Light & heavy cultivating
  • Disc vineyard drill, no cultivation needed
  • Post driving, strainers/intermediates
  • Klima vine stripping
  • Mulching
  • Mowing
  • Rolling
  • Weed spraying
  • Foliage spraying
  • Trimming
  • Plucking
  • Side net winding
  • Canopy & weed spraying
  • Grape cartage, tub, and flat deck hire
  • Hiab truck lifting and shifting

Suspension Fertiliser – The Ultimate Vineyard Fert

What is Suspension Fertiliser?

Suspension fertiliser is; very very fine particles of fertilisers, suspended in a percentage of water.

Why does Suspension Fertiliser work?

Suspension fertiliser works; because it ensures availability to all plants and not just a percentage, it’s activated straight away, because it is already broken down to very small particles, so the plant will “take up” instantly! The water aids us to apply the fertiliser accurately, and also speeds the “take up” process for the plant.

Why chose Suspension Fertiliser Application (SFA)?

  • Accurate Deposits of Fertiliser
  • Cost Effective
  • Cost Efficient
  • Dust-free application
  • Physical benefits

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Suspension Fertiliser Applicators or SFA may be the answer to all your problems – Talk to us today!

For superior fertilisers and recommendations, visit Midland Distributors

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